The DIYer Dilemma

Week 1

You just purchased your first URL and signed up for a DIY website creation service. You are so excited to get started on building your new website.

Week 2

You've looked at hundreds of design templates, but can't decide on just one. You fell into a website design inspiration rabbit hole. You started to build the menus, but haven't filled the empty pages.

Week 3

You spent 3 whole days sorting through photos and stock image websites while looking for the right pictures to illustrate your products and services. You fell down rabbit hole #2 while looking for images from an old Instagram post.

Week 4 & 5

You've lost some hair will pulling on it as you try to create copy that includes the right keywords and sums up what you do — and why someone should work with your team.

Week 6

You fall in rabbit hole #3 while looking at YouTube videos, facebook feeds, and entrepreneurial websites — just so you can figure out how to add a video to your home page, and connect it to a call to action button.

Week 7

You still haven't launched the website, and just realized that you forgot to add keywords in your copy. The excitement you had in week 1 is starting to feel like a burden, and you still haven't had the time to jump into bills, accounting, or customer call backs. Your focus is providing excellent service to your current clients and customers, but lack of marketing is causing your lead funnel to dry up.