Email Marketing Tools for Wix Websites

When I approach clients about building their email marketing plan, they often begin by asking if anyone reads emails anymore. Happily, I always give a resounding, "Yes!" In fast, the latest research shows that marketing email campaigns offer the highest ROI for businesses large and small. In fact, email marketing has proven to be more effective than targeted campaigns, posts, and contests on Facebook and Twitter — combined.

We all know how to create an email. How we deliver that email to a broad audience, and in the least amount of time, is another matter. Fortunately, there are hundreds of email marketing tools on the market, and they are often relatively easy to learn and launch. Most will even offer a free trial, after which you'll receive an entire range of digital marketing tools for a monthly (or yearly) fee.

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Ascend by Wix is the built-in email marketing tool you will be first acquainted with when you start exploring the platform. Email messages, subscribe forms, and automations generated by Wix's intuitive site builder will be managed by Ascend. In addition to email, Ascend offers an entire suite of tools to help you manage your business within the Wix dashboard, such as live chat, videos, social post creators, and invoicing tools. I recommend that you familiarize yourself with the platform, and understand what tools you need before you upgrade. You will be asked to upgrade after you've made 2 forms, or incorporated 2 automations on your site. If you don't need the full suite of Ascend's business tools, or are already using another email marketing product, you can also incorporate third-party tools.

Many clients looking to upgrade a current website often have a long relationship with email marketing products like Mailchimp or Constant Contact. Although you will need to leave the Wix dashboard to create and track your marketing efforts, these tools can be incorporated with a little extra effort.

Like I said before, there are HUNDREDS of products on the market. It would be an understatement to say that picking the right service can be overwhelming. My advice is to first consider who will be writing and managing your email campaigns. Will it be a team, or an individual? Will your team have html and graphic design skills? Will someone else be creating templates?